About us

Harmonie School

Dedicated to offer the best teaching practices and opportunities for cognitive development, Harmonie School (Ecole Harmonie) relies on the promising approach of active pedagogies (see our mission), on its precious knowledge in specialized teaching, by offering a altruistic vision and invested with benevolent values to teach children. Ecole Harmonie is convinced that each student is unique and can become brilliant.

Harmony Godin

Harmony Godin has solid experience in the fields of education and educational psychology. After many years, she found a global, positive and enriching solution to transmit her knowledge through teaching. From his research, at the forefront of educational innovation, Magic Strategy was born. An intelligent and clever system allowing children to highlight their own learning tools while working with pleasure and openness.

Holder of a Master’s degree in Special Education and a doctoral student in this specialty, she is currently following a CAS in Economics and Early Childhood Pedagogy.

Emmanuel Rossier

Emmanuel Rossier has excellent knowledge of human resources and financial management. He has acquired almost exclusive experience in private schools over the past 15 years. He appreciates the contact with the families and this proximity has allowed him to be as close as possible to their needs while preserving the discretion and quality of professional exchanges. Extremely versatile, he was able to supervise all the operational sectors necessary for the functioning of a school.

Holder of a Federal Certificate of Specialist in Human Resources, he is keen to further develop his knowledge of management.

Management's word

Complementary, sharing the same vision of the education of tomorrow, we worked together to found Ecole Harmonie.

This School is obvious and we firmly believe that both the values we convey and the specificities of the teaching will make

our establishment an essential structure of active education that will allow children to reach their full potential.

“We have found the pieces of the puzzle that will lead us all together towards Harmony.”